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Noosabay Kennels

All our kennels are the same size and include heating, a raised bed and drinking water available at all times. All floors are tiled to provide a hygienic environment for your much loved pet. They are large enough to accommodate two dogs with ease.  

Your boy or girl will enjoy four good lead walks a day in our safe 3-acre grassed, fenced exercise paddock, either individually or with a suitable new friend. Whilst your pet is out of their kennel it will be cleaned, bedding checked and drinking water is replaced with fresh. We aim to keep a high welfare standard at all times.  

Your pet’s individual needs are considered; customers are welcome to bring their own dog’s bed, bedding, treats, toys and home comforts. Bring what you think will make your dog happy. 

We provide a quality complete biscuit meal twice a day, at regular times. Meat is also available at request. If you prefer you may bring your own pets food.  We have fridge-freezers to store fresh food such as raw meat and vegetable supplements.  

All dogs must be fully vaccinated including the Kennel Cough Vaccine. Their vaccination card(s) MUST be presented upon every arrival. No dog will be accepted without proof of up to date vaccinations.

Our team are able to administer all required medications (including insulin injections) at no extra charge.  

Comfortable Transport Service  

We offer a ‘pick up’ and ‘drop off’ service for your beloved pet. This service is available during our opening hours. If this service is required please state when booking. 

​Dog Wash

Extra Small (Toy Breeds) - £5.00
Small - £10.00
Medium - £15.00
Large - £20 - £25.00  
The size of the dog will be at the Noosabay Team's discretion.

Please call if you require any more information or this service and we'd be happy to help :) 


​Play Run

Our fantastic 500 square metre play run is available for all dogs. 

We offer a 20 minute play time for £6 a session. This can be 1 on 1 or with a group of suitable play mates. (please note, it does not affect their 4 lead walks a day.)

It's completely up to you how frequently you'd like your beloved dog to have these play times throughout their stay.