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All owners will be required to sign these terms and conditions before their pet can be accepted at Noosabay Kennels & Cattery:

1. The owner warrants that the animal(s) being boarded are in a fit and healthy condition. It is your responsibly to inform us of any medical conditions your pet may have.

2. All Cats and Dogs being boarded are required to have current up to date vaccinations with the certificates being produced on every arrival, otherwise boarding will be refused. All vaccinations must be valid at least 14 days prior to the boarding beginning and cover the whole of the boarding term. Cats are to be vaccinated against Feline Enteritis & Cat flu. Dogs are to be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough.

3. Whilst every care will be given to pets, Noosabay Kennels & Cattery will not be held responsible for any illness, injury, loss or damage to the animal(s) or their belongings, however caused, during their stay. Boarding is entirely at the owner’s risk. By signing this document, you authorise Noosabay Kennels & Cattery to take immediate action and seek veterinary care for your animal, regardless of the cause, if we determine this is necessary. Noosabay will endeavour to use the Vet that the animal is registered with but if this is not possible or in an Emergency Noosabay will determine the Vet who is used. Noosabay will endeavour to contact the owner or the emergency contact via the details you have supplied.

4. Noosabay Kennels & Cattery are authorised to call your veterinary practice should we need any information regarding your pets’ condition.

5. We do not insure for your pet’s illness or any other medical condition whilst in our care. Any further expenses will be charged to the owner. It is emphasised that our insurance excludes any current or recurrent illness or injury. By signing this agreement, you agree to cover any costs that arise from veterinary treatment and we reserve the right to charge reasonable transport expenses to and from a Vet. We may call you from the Vet’s surgery to arrange payment before treatment is commenced.

6. If we find ticks on your pet, we will (where possible) remove them safely with tick removers. If we feel this cannot be achieved, we will contact you or your emergency contact to discuss further treatment options with the assistance of a Vet Practice.

7. You need to provide us with a minimum of 1 emergency contact for the duration of your pets stay. The emergency contact needs to be able to provide your pet with emergency accommodation should a situation arise where we are no longer able to keep them with us, e.g., your pet doesn’t settle and becomes increasingly stressed or becomes ill etc. Please be aware that should we have to pass your pet on to your emergency contact, the full price for the duration booked will still apply and no refund will be given.

8. Any bedding, toys, medication, or personal items supplied by the owner that become damaged/destroyed by the animals or any member of staff, during boarding, are left at the owner’s risk and any veterinary treatment required following such an event will be at the owner’s expense.

9. All reasonable efforts will be made to administer oral, rectal, and topical medication and treatments as directed by the owner, for which there is no charge. However, if veterinary assistance is required it will be at the owner’s expense.

10. When you make a booking request by email, in person, telephone, website or social media, your booking is not confirmed until Noosabay have received the agreed deposit. We will ask you for full payment or a 50% deposit at the time of booking. Please telephone us to make payment or visit the premises during our opening hours. We do not accept cheques, American express cards, or Bank Transfer. If a booking is cancelled 21 days prior to the due arrival date, a full refund applies. If a booking is cancelled less than 21 days prior to the due arrival date, you will be refunded the amount of the booking that can be replaced. This may not be the whole amount paid or the booking may not be replaced. All cancellation refunds are at the discretion of Noosabay. When a booking is made at Noosabay it is for that particular time slot. Bookings and deposits can not be transferred to future time slots.

11. If you collect your pet early or adjust your booking you will still be charged for the original booking, unless the booking is extended, for which you will be charged the extra days fees. Most pet insurance or holiday plans will cover for such eventualities. Please check with your insurer and/or policy document and make sure you have adequate cover in the event of cancellation.

12. Boarding fee’s will be charged at the full day rate to include the day of arrival & the day of departure. For the avoidance of doubt, arrival is charged as day 1 and departure as day 2. This is to facilitate complete sanitation of the animal’s pen. The balance of your booking is payable on arrival, unless part or full payment is required in advance. No pets will be released until full and final payment has been received. Short over runs can be paid at the time of collection. Long extensions to boarding must be paid for at the time of request by card.

13. Noosabay reserve the right to charge extra during peak periods such as Christmas & New Year.

14. Noosabay have a zero tolerance of any abuse (may this be verbal or physical). You will be asked to leave with immediate effect.

15. You must disclose to us if your pet has any aggressive tendencies either towards humans and/or other animals. If we feel that your pet poses a threat to our kennel staff, then we reserve the right to refuse to board your animal. Should your pet become aggressive towards staff during their stay, your emergency contact may be required to give your pet emergency accommodation. Please be aware that should we have to transfer your pet on to yourself or your emergency contact, the full price for the duration booked will still apply and no refund will be given. Customers or emergency contacts may be asked to remove difficult or dangerous pets from their housing units with immediate effect.

16. Noosabay Kennels & Cattery reserve the right to retain any animal, charge for the extra stay until such time as the outstanding account is settled, or to dispose of the animal at a suitable rescue centre, if any account becomes overdue or the animal is not collected within 7 days of the due collection date. Any costs involved will be the responsibility of the owner.

17. All customers must adhere to Noosabay Kennels & Cattery’s opening hours

Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 10:00am & 5pm – 6pm

Sunday 9am - 10am

Any out of hours arrivals and departures can be made with prior arrangement at our discretion. This will incur an additional fee.

18. In the event of a delay in collection, notification must be given at the earliest opportunity and Noosabay Kennels & Cattery reserves the right to refuse the extension.

19. There is free parking for drop off and collection of your pet. Please note that your pet is your responsibility until a member of staff has taken them from you following the ‘checking in’ process at reception. No cat will be accepted for boarding unless contained within a suitable carry box.

Noosabay Kennels & Cattery will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to vehicles whilst in the car park.

20. All pets will be taken from the customer by a member of staff. No owners will be allowed to take their pets in their accommodation for health and safety reasons.

21. Whilst in our care, no animals will be allowed visitors, unless the dog/cat is removed from site, and returned within opening hours.

22. Any owner wishing their pets to share a housing unit do so at their own risk and must sign stating this. Should we feel it necessary to separate the pets, we will do so for the pet’s best interest, and an additional fee will be applied. No pets will be released until full and final payment has been received.

23. Noosabay Kennels & Cattery reserve the right to add, change or vary these terms & conditions at any time. However, you will be notified.

In addition you will be asked to complete and sign the following declarations:

Dogs & Cats Boarding

I do / do not consent to my dogs/cats sharing a kennel unit.
If larger families are to be boarding in separate groups, please state the groups in which they are to be housed.
For dogs/cats owned by another customer that you wish to be housed together please state the full name of the customer & pet(s).

Dog Exercising

I do / do not consent to my dog being exercised with other suitable dogs during their stay at Noosabay Kennels & Cattery.
Any behavioural or aggressive tendencies must be declared.

Social Media/ Media Release

Noosabay Kennels & Cattery are requesting your permission for:
to be photographed/video recorded during their stay.
With your agreement we would like to use these photos for advertisement purposes e.g. Facebook, Instagram and Noosabay website.
Please be assured that if you do not grant permission your pet will not be photographed.
By signing below you agree to Noosabay Kennels & Cattery’s Terms & Conditions of Acceptance.
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